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Great News! Massive advance in Bomberman style gameplay!

I have been looking for the best way to support you guys. I know everyone here wants to play an awesome Bomberman-style game with rapid and feature-packed updates, a thriving community, and have their suggestions used to improve the game.

FINALLY, finally... I have found the solution! And, it's awesome! has officially teamed up with an indie game studio called Balanced Worlds. They have a super experienced team (their guys worked on games like Ratchet & Clank, Halo Wars, and Descent!) that is fully dedicated to make, improve, and mold an Online Bomberman style game around your feedback. is super excited to fully endorse BW's game Bomb Buddies! It is easily the very best online Bomberman style free-to-play game ever made! Heck, it even has a Zombie game mode. The team has already set up servers in many countries, and has vowed to set up dedicated servers, and provide localization, for ALL TERRITORIES that show support through play and forum feedback.

Support the cause, tell your friends, and let's all play Bomb Buddies now!





Andre is Admin of BMO Brasil. Ademir is fat and sells fake accounts!

Andre is Admin of BMO Brasil. Ademir is fat and sells fake accounts! Andre is Admin of BMO Brasil. Ademir is fat and sells fake accounts!


Got facebook and want to win a premium account?!

FACEBOOK FANPAGE just login and click like and share with people and i will add you into premium contest!


Register does not require filling in surveys anymore!!!

i have decided to remove the survey filling in so now you don't need to fill in a survey to register.

please bare in mind this is the main income for keeping the game alive so filling the survey would be nice thanks.



i have brought two new servers and servers

this just means theres more places to download the game from enjoy!!


Surveys will now pay out 100%!!!

Ive added anti cheat system to the surveys so nobody can cheat it!!

fill in the survey here for 100 coins, fill in the survey here for nickname

fill in the survey here for premium application!


Posted by: Broomop

New survey the skys the limit on how much you can earn!!!

You can now earn more than 100 coins per 24hours but you can only submit your details once so make sure its correct first time!! if you are from brasil and want to learn how to earn free gold by making out your from UK or USA then goto the forums to find out!!

fill in the survey here it will tell u how much gold u have earned and once you have finished goto cash out and fill in your details on the form!

very soon i will make the whole adding coins to your account automated so you don't even have to wait for me thanks for reading!!

check the forums for more information


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100 coins/nickname change and premium all free!

Ok now you can get 100 coins for free (1,000 coin idea is now scraped) you can earn 100 coins everyday but please make sure you only do new surveys if your ip doesnt change and if you do a survey again make sure you use an alternative address and email address for it to work and grant you access to the bonus's

Click here for more information


Posted by: Broomop on 10/08/2009


Get free 1,000 Gold Coins!

There hasn't been many updates on the main page but, now you can get 1,000 coins for free all you have to do is fill in a survey and once filled in i will give you 1,000 coins its that easy! so why not try it today CLICKHERE

Also you may have noticed that you have to sign up to a survey to sign up this is a trial on this and may be removed at any time. Any issues talk on the forums thanks!


Posted by: Broomop on 10/06/2009

Automatic Premium Subscription

You can now purchase Bomberman Premium, automatically it will set you as premium! Just input your username and it will attempt to make you premium so no more manually doing it (hopefully) :)

Posted by: Broomop on 06/05/09


*Updates this month will be coming soon, find out more on the forums!*

Posted by: Broomop on 05/05/09

New Website!
*New Website layout, this is actually the old layout but its cool!*

Posted by: Broomop on 04/05/09


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